Ronny Heimdals FM7/FM8 page.

Here is a selection of FM7/FM8 related links, info. and files.

"Bread and butter" is a collection of old DX7 sounds converted for the NI FM7. I found the patches at, and have selected and categorized the patches I liked, many of the original files contained a lot of duplicates. I've edited some of them. The zip files contains all the patches as single FM7 programs and they are also organized into 32-program banks (*.f7b). Here's the download link : .
Here's the files converted to the new nfm8 format (update 3-may-2012) :

My own creations : N/A.

Links :

Native Instruments. The makers of FM7 and FM8. They have some commercial libraries for sale. Have some banks available for download. Have some banks available for download. Do a search on "fm7" and "fm8" to find the patches.

Ronny Pries Have two banks for the FM7 available for download.

ReMix Mag. A short article about FM8 programming.

Commercial sounds for the NI FM7 and FM8 : A very good soundset for the FM7, the page also has a MP3 demo of the soundset

Feel free to contact me regarding anything FM7/FM8 related, links, sounds etc.: email Ronny Heimdal